To heal a world where there is no hope, and which is lacking in love, we need to go back to the pure hearts that we had as children. To shed our desire to possess ever-increasing amounts of material wealth and restore our beautiful essence as human beings, we need to go back to the principles of peace and the breath of love that we learned as we were being carried on our fathers’ backs. Sun Myung Moon

Some of the content we cover in our workshops

What Does It Mean To Be “Good”?

Explain why being good makes us happy and being bad makes us unhappy.
Define being “good” and show its essential characteristic as “living for the sake of others.”
Show that this definition of being “good” is universal.
Encourage children to be good, starting from today.

Where Do I Learn to Be “Good”?

Show that before being smart or popular, it is more important to be good.
Explain why the family is the best environment to learn “living for the sake of others.”
Encourage children to love and honor their parents.

Sustainable Peace

Demonstrate that the correct mind-body (public-private) relationship is the foundation for peace, harmony and happiness within the individual, the family and in society.
Encourage children to be public-minded by demonstrating the magnitude of problems that occur by selfish-mindedness.
Show that sustainability requires a culture of filial piety which is first developed by children honoring their parents