The starting point is to have a dream and a goal. Please have an adventurous and pioneering spirit. Dream dreams that others dare not imagine. Set goals for yourselves that have meaning, and become global leaders who will bring benefit to humankind.                                                                                                                                       Sun Myung Moon


Help young people to understand how to balance their development in this age, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Detailed study about: 

Brother and Sister Love

Explain that brothers and sisters share a common origin or parent and, most importantly, a common love.
Expand our concept of family based on true love, beyond just a shared DNA.
Teach that in brother and sister love we learn to sacrifice, take responsibility and protect our siblings.

The Power of Sibling Love

Discuss internal causes of rivalries among siblings and conflict among nations.
Highlight the negative and destructive nature of self-pity and how this can be overcome.
Show the importance of self-reflection and taking responsibility as the foundation for enemies to reconcile.
Provide an appendix which shows that all religions teach to love your enemies.

Preparing for Marriage

Increase the awareness about the importance of marriage and how best to prepare for it.
Highlight the advantages of platonic, non-sexual love among friends.
Point out that controlling sexual desires is good.
Clarify why sex and marriage must go together.