What we think

FFWPU‘s core thinking is based on a Unificationist perspective that is inclusive and respects and cherishes the constructive attempts of all different spiritual traditions and teachings. FFWPU thinks that in these times of unprecedented changes, it is essential to promote universally shared core values that can influence the populations around the globe, in particular youth, to become responsible citizens and be capable of living in a multicultural environment in pursuit of a peaceful and dignified life style.

The three basic Life Goals: FFWPU affirms that there are three basic life goals, which people universally desire and pursue. Besides the material goods that make for happiness – adequate food, shelter, material comfort, good health and a long life, people strive to attain more internal and moral goals that are needed for a life in lasting peace, joy and happiness.


Individual Character                                  Couple & Family






Respectful stewardship, contributor to the greater good


The three basic life goals can be defined as follows:

First: The need for developing a virtuous, mature character, like a sculptor shaping and polishing a stone to reveal its innate beauty and quality and create a fine result.

Second: The need for realizing a peaceful and happy family and society: The family cell is at the heart of our concerns: “The Family is the School of Heart and Love, and the School of Peace.”

Third: The need for developing a respectful stewardship towards a healthy natural environment and become a contributor to the society: a respectful attitude towards as well as care for our living environment is necessary to protect the natural environment from the current threats of destruction and pollution. Part of this life goal is that there is the need for each individual and family to become a contributor to the greater good of all, to society and the state of the world.