Charter on the Family

Whereas that there is one God, origin and creator of the universe, who has within Himself the characteristics of masculinity and femininity and is the universal parent who unconditionally loves all mankind as His children.

Whereas that every human life is born of the love of a father and a mother.

Whereas that human beings exist as men and women, they have equal value and are in the image of their Creator.

Whereas that human life contains both spiritual and physical aspects, and that a vision that includes both realities is necessary to develop real human nature in an appropriate way.

Whereas that life on earth is meant to be a school of heart and love to prepare us for eternal life, and death can be compared to a second birth.

Whereas that, as described in World Scriptures, human beings pursue three goals

  • Developing one’s character as an individual
  • Development of the ability to love through the relationship between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters, thus forming a family centred on the love of God.
  • Development of the capacity to administer creation, using our creativity to take care of it and develop it for the benefit of all.

Whereas the pursuit of these life objectives by humanity has been the guiding purpose of human history and the central purpose of all religions,

FFWPU states that:

The family plays a vital role in human development;

Marriage is not just a social convention, but an essential goal in life;

Conjugal love between man and woman, lived as an expression of God’s Love, is the basis of joy and development of the couple;

True family values practise within the family create the best environment for children, from conception to childhood and adulthood;

The family is the school of love, an essential training ground for building harmonious communities, and ultimately a society and world of peace and unity.