Peace start with ME … and my family

As a continuation of the Swiss Family Campaign, which began this spring at the World Council of Churches in Geneva, on July 7, 2019 was held in Zurich an inter-religious meeting entitled: “Peace starts with ME … & with my family”.

The event was
organized by FFWPU,
UPF, Freiburg Peace
Forum, WFWP and
featured the interventions
of four major
faith leaders and two

The aim was to promote the institution of
the family which is so fundamental for a
healthy and happy environment. Religions
have a key role in transmitting and spreading
basic family values, even in their diversity all
have this common base. Two panels were
held during the day. The first one in the
morning dealt with the subjects: “Interreligious Cooperation for Peace: Focus
on the Family – the Strategic Importance of the Cell of our Civilization”. At the
end, just before lunch, time was given for questions and answers and

Later took place the second panel entitled: “The Family as a School of Love and Humanity”. Also in this case 3 speakers addressed the topic displaying their presentation.

Following the presentations, there were relevant questions from the participants to the speakers which evolved into a lively discussion. As outcome, several interesting ideas emerged as well as some inspiring statements.

The atmosphere throughout the day was jovial and harmonious, all the referents and participants were very satisfied and declared themselves willing to work together again and carry on this precious message.

Thanks to all participants for taking part in the event and for all the valuable contributions and collaboration in organizing it.