Family Project

Our family seminars are focusing on the understanding of the essence of a healthy family centered on universal values. In an interactive setting are we able to understand each other better, to find the resources for our daily lifes and we are coming to understand of how to deepen our relationships on a long term bases. Communication is most important in a healthy family; we are training our...
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La vie humaine passe par trois étapes

Notre vie ne commence pas avec le premier souffle, ni ne se termine avec le dernier. Toute vie humaine passe par trois étapes Le stade embryonnaire La scène terrestre L'étape spirituelle Nous vous invitons à approfondir et à discuter avec nous Dimanche 5 mai 2019 de 15h à 17h Ofenhalle Wehntalerstrasse 634 ; 8046 Zurich
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Die drei Phasen eines Lebens

Unser Leben beginnt nicht mit dem ersten Atemzug, noch ender es mit dem letzten. Jedes Menschenleben besteht aus drei Phasen Die embryonale StufeDie irdische StufeDie geistige Stufe Wir laden Sie ein, mit uns zu vertiefen und zu diskutieren. Sonntag 5. Mai 2019 von 15 bis 17 Uhr Ofenhalle Wehntalerstrasse 634; 8046 Zürich
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The three stage of human life

Our life does not start with the first breath, nor does it end with the last. Every human life passes through three stages The embryonic stageThe eartly stageThe spiritual stage We invite you to deepen and discuss with us Sunday 5 May 2019 from 3 pm to 5 pm Ofenhalle Wehntalerstrasse 634; 8046 Zurich
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Interreligious Meeting

Interreligious meeting with representatives of other Faiths in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints This time we understand the believe and life of faith of the Church of Jesus Chrit of Latter-day Saints Heumattstrasse 28906 Bonstetten April 26 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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